Thursday, September 4, 2008

Watercolor Journal Venice Italy

Venice 2008 2 128 My first entry in my watercolor journal on this trip, the crooked awning and cute windows that over looked the Grand Canal.  Sylvia and I started our day in search of the art store, went in circles, everyone that gave us directions were sure they new where the little street was but it never turned up.  But as we wandered we found many more wonderful photo ops.  We also found a Travel Store and bought our train tickets so even though we never found the art store, it was a fun and fruitful morning.


Having given up on the art store we headed for the Realto Bridge as we wanted to paint in the funky neighborhood on the other side of the bridge.  After crossing the bridge we headed away from the tourists along the Grand Canal looking for a place to eat lunch.  We found a lovely restaurant on the Canal with a view of beautiful buildings across the canal.  We had a great lunch and stayed until 5:00pm painting and photographing the activity on the canal.  Here's the little painting I did in my watercolor journal.

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