Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cast of Characters, Cortona Italy Painting Trip

Cortona Sept

The gang's all here on the steps where the Carotonese have been meeting for centuries.

Cortona Sept. 10 08 061

Celeste from Texas rolling pasta

Cortona Sept. 11 08 094

Marie from Mendocino with her painting of the Tuscan countryside

Cortona Sept. 11 08 054

Linda and Sylvia enjoying their Italian lunch.

Tommie in Cortona

Tommie raising her glass to good times in Italy.

Cortona Sept. 11 08 095

Bonnie on the farm in Tuscany.

Cortona Sept. 12 08 007

Cathy the famous artist and her roadie Pete

Cortona Sept. 12 08 019

And our wonderful hosts, Patrick and Angela of ToscanaAmericana.

If you would like to join me on my next Watercolor Workshop with ToscanaAmericana, this time in Santorini, Greece, here is the link to learn more about it.


Melissa said...

I like your pictures. Do you do any Workshops in the summer? I am going to Italy in early July. I found a new travel site, You should post about your workshops there.


Sandy Delehanty said...

Hi Melissa,

thanks for the website suggestion, I will check it out. My 2009 schedule is Provence, France in May, Belgium in Sept. and also Greece in late Sept/oct. In 2010 I am going back to Italy to teach again for this same group Toscana/Americana Sept 4 - 11, 2010.