Monday, September 15, 2008

September 11, 2008 morning, painting in Lucignano

For a change of pace we left our lovely Cortona and headed to tiny Lucignano for our morning painting session and lunch, and then on to a beautiful guest house on a typical Tuscan farm for our afternoon painting session.

Cortona Sept. 11 08 018

Lucignano lane

Cortona Sept. 11 08 026

Linda painted this window,next photo is her painting.  She did not get the shadows in yet, but will do that later.

Cortona Sept. 12 08 032

Pretty painting, Linda prefers yellow flowers.

Cortona Sept. 11 08 045

The Critic!  Pete watches over Cathy's shoulder as she creates the painting I have posted below.

Cortona Sept. 12 08 030

This is Cathy's first Watercolor Workshop, hard to believe looking at this charming painting.

Cortona Sept. 11 08 039

Marie no sooner got the umbrella up than the rain quit!

Cortona Sept. 12 08 037

Marie gave herself a big challenge with double arches, a path and a garden with a statue at the end.  She did a great job!

Cortona Sept. 11 08 056

Our lovely guide Angela with her pretty fan at lunch time.

Cortona Sept. 11 08 068

"Nice People"

The ladies are pointing at the directional sign in Lucignano where it states one of the village attractions as "Nice People"!  We agree!

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