Monday, September 15, 2008

September 11, 2008 afternoon painting at Le Terre die Cavalieri

This beautiful Agra-Tourisimo is in the valley below Cortona.  We enjoyed a sunny afternoon with a delightful breeze painting in this lovely place. 

Cortona Sept. 11 08 106 

Le Terre die Cavalieri

Cortona Sept. 11 08 095

Here is Bonnie with her painting standing in front of the bridge she painted.

Cortona Sept. 11 08 096

And here is Bonnie's cute painting of the bridge and the hills in the background where Cortona is located.

Cortona Sept. 11 08 092

Here is Sylvia with her painting.  Look closely at the background behind her and you will see it in her painting below.

Cortona Sept. 11 08 093

She nailed it!  Love her trees, and the farmhouse in the background is just right.

When I travel I like to create little paintings in a Watercolor Journal here's the page I did today

Cortona from below

Cortona as seen from the Tuscan valley below.

We thank the owners of Le Terre die Cavaliere for a lovely afternoon, and look forward to creating more paintings from the photos we took.

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