Monday, September 8, 2008

Discovering Cortona, Tuscany

September 5, 2008 Sylvia and I enjoyed breakfast with one of the best views in Tuscany from the 4th floor of our hotel in the Tuscan hill town of Cortona.  Then we grabbed our camera's for a day of exploring, photographing, and looking for good painting location for my Watercolor Workshop.  Here are a few photos that give you a taste of Cortona:

Cortona Sept. 5 08 009

  Cortona town hall in the main square of the village.  Life revolves around this square.  Patrick pointed out the author of "Under the Tuscan Sun" Frances Mayes having a cappuccino on the square.

Cortona Sept. 5 08 056

Cortona was originally a city in the Italian region of Umbria, concurred by the Etruscans, Cortona became one of the most powerful Lucumony (Etruscan city states).  These arches are one of many places in the village where Etruscan walls and structures are visible today.  Around 300 BC evidence of Roman influence begins to show in the village architecture.  The history is too long to write here, but no where in Tuscany can you find so much evidence of so many centuries of history in one small community.

Cortona Sept. 5 08 085

Cortona Sept. 5 08 144

Cortona Sept. 5 08 178

Cortona Sept. 5 08 122

The cemetery is outside the walls because Napolion decreed that so as to prevent diseases from spreading.  With the cemetery I will end my little history photo series.

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