Monday, August 6, 2012

Abstract Results

Here are photos of my two abstracts as they look now.  I think they are done.   Isn’t that the hardest part…knowing when to call a painting done?

Before Time

BEFORE TIME    watercolor on paper  18” x 24”


FUN   watercolor on paper   18” x 24”

To see these two paintings “under construction” see my previous post.

The students in my Abstract Watercolor Workshops did a fabulous job on their paintings.  They listened to my lecture on the importance of planning the color scheme, choosing an asymmetrical, symmetrical or radial balance to begin with and then locating their focal points before they ever began to paint.   They were very adventurous and creative with the painting methods they used and they worked hard to incorporate the Principles of Design in their paintings.  As a result we had some very successful paintings and all were very different one from another.    I had to laugh because although their paintings turned out great, my demo paintings ended up becoming more scraps for the scrap pile.  At least the two paintings above that I did leading up to the Abstract Workshop were keepers.