Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Maui painters, so productive and fun

It has been my good fortune to be the Guest Instructor for the Wahine Artists of Wailea (WAWA) on the beautiful island of Maui for the past several days.  Pictured above are the 8 Wahines and the 27 paintings they created.  Granted not all are complete; but this has to be one of the most hardworking fun group of students I have ever taught. 

They wanted to paint rainbow eucalyptus, bamboo and birds of paradise.  The rainbow eucalyptus paintings are the most abstract, and were probably the most difficult.  The bamboo was great fun for all of us.  We chose Aquabord as our surface for painting the birds and as you can see the colors are stunning!

I will be doing an Aquabord workshop in Sacramento June 24 and 25 if you would like to give it a try.  My website http://www.sandydelehanty.com/ has the details.

Getting back to Maui, every where I look I see a painting.  And the weather has been perfect!  Sunsets, divine and different every night and flowers in bloom everywhere.  I got this photo of a hibiscus along the driveway leading into the Four Seasons resort. 

Mahalo ladies for all your hard work and your gracious hospitality.  I have had an absolutely marvelous time!