Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Watercolors framed without glass

Purple Shutters, Cortona


6" x 6" watercolor on Aquabord framed $250.00

This 6' x 6" watercolor is painted on Aquabord, varnished and framed without glass!  The result is a perfectly protected watercolor that can be viewed without the glare of glass.  I created a series of these small paintings from my recent painting trip to Cortona in Tuscany for the Small Gems Christmas Season show at Elliott Fouts Gallery at 4749 J Street, Sacramento, CA  (916) 736-1420

Sunday, November 23, 2008


The Christmas Shopping Season is upon us, and though budget's may be smaller this year, most of us are still shopping.   With this in mind I am writing my annual plea to all my artists friends that you seek out the work of fellow artists rather than spend your hard earned cash in chain stores, box stores etc.   CEO's DON'T NEED OUR MONEY AS MUCH AS ARTISTS AND CRAFTS PEOPLE DO!  SPEND YOUR MONEY WHERE IT COUNTS...............

Here are few of my favorite gift shopping haunts where I have found treasures created by fellow artists ranging in price from $2.00 to $20. and more:

Sacramento Fine Art Center has turned its two huge galleries into a Christmas Gift Shop.  Last year I found the cutest ear rings here for $3.00 a pair!  This year there are even more artists showing their work.   You can find boxes of my cards there; five different cards for $10. and ten different cards for $20.  I saw some lovely lavender  essential oils products for less that $5. and some really beautiful scarves, jewelry, prints etc. etc. etc.....  Shop early as this Gift Shop closes on December 13 so no last minute shopping here.  Address is 5330-B Gibbons Drive, Sacramento, hours are Tuesday 11:00 - 7:00 and Wednesday - Sunday 11:00 - 3:00.  Closed on Mondays.

Auburn Old Town Gallery has a wonderful collection of gifts at a wide variety of prices.  The jewelry there is wonderful, I have been known to send my husband shopping there for my gift.  This is a co-op gallery run by very talented and friendly artists.

Blue Line Gallery on Vernon Street in Roseville is home of the Roseville Artists Association and has a wonderful gift shop with a wide range of prices.

Elliott Fouts Gallery at 4749 J Street, Sacramento has several of my paintings on sale at $50. to $150. off the regular price as part of the gallery's annual Holiday Sale.  Beginning December 1, the Small Gems show will be featured in the main exhibit hall.  I will be showing 6 new watercolor on Aquabord paintings from my recent painting trip to Tuscany. 

Since I live in Placer County and have a studio in Sacramento I only know the shopping in these areas.  Please list your favorite art shopping places in the Comments section of this blog, especially if you live in another  city.

Remember, spend your money where it counts....with an artist!