Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So how are those New Year Resolutions coming along?

My last post was "An Artist's New Year Resolutions" posted on December 31, 2010.   I was hoping to receive some New Year's Resolutions from other artists in the comments section on my blog.  I did receive several emails with lots of good resolutions from other artists, but only a couple of comments.  So now that we are half way through January, how are those New Year Resolutions coming along?

As you can probably tell if you read mine, I am failing on resolution number (7), "blog at least once a week." 

But the good news is I am doing well on my painting resolutions (1) to have fun painting what excites me, (2) create a body of new work worthy of a show, and (3) make painting time.  (4) to keep my current gallery supplied with new work is going slow, the weather is working against me.  The oil paintings are not drying! 

(5) to study marketing using technology is going well.   I spent time sharing my email marketing techniques with three artist friends and one of them David Peterson spent time teaching me his Facebook secrets.  Thanks David!

(6) I have been entering shows like mad.  A bit of luck, I had a painting accepted into the Richeson 75 Small Works Open show and just shipped it to Wisconsin.  I even got a photograph into a show, the first time I ever entered a photography show.  You can see it at the photography show at the Blue Line Gallery in Roseville.  Huge turn out at the opening, great fun!

(8)  I am not sure what workshop I will take this year, but have decided to attend the Don Andrews workshop in Guatemala in 2012.  Sounds like great fun and he is such a good teacher and fabulous painter.

(9)  I am sharing all that I learn with students, had ten really fun students in my workshop last week.  Next week I have a Beginner's Watercolor Workshop and the following week a Beginner's Follow-up Watercolor Workshop.  Beginners are always fun to work with, seeing the light bulb turn on is a kick!  Info on these workshops is at  Both still have space available.   

So, now I hope to hear how are you doing with your artist resolutions...

So how are those New Year Resolutions coming along?