Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Watercolor on Aquabord

"Geranium Happy" is a 6" x 6" watercolor on Aquabord now hanging in the "Small Gems" show at Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento California. It is one of 6 small watercolors of doors and windows in Cortona Italy done for the Christmas show. Contact Elliott or Cynthia at or (916) 736-1429. Regularly priced at $250. they are part of the Holiday Sale and priced at $200.

For those of you interested in trying Aquabord, I am offering a class on it in March 2009. Check the schedule on the Class/Workshop page on my website for more information.

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Painting of Cortona Italy

I found this cute window in Cortona, Italy when I was there teaching a watercolor workshop this past September. The trip was wonderful. Our tour company Toscana Americana did an outstanding job, the students were great fun and we all fell in love with Cortona.

This painting is hanging in a group show titled "Small Wonders" at Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento.

It is a 6" x 6" watercolor on Aquabord, varnished and framed. Priced at $250. it is currently on sale for $200.

To purchase contact Elliott Fouts Gallery at (916) 736-1429.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Watercolors framed without glass

Purple Shutters, Cortona


6" x 6" watercolor on Aquabord framed $250.00

This 6' x 6" watercolor is painted on Aquabord, varnished and framed without glass!  The result is a perfectly protected watercolor that can be viewed without the glare of glass.  I created a series of these small paintings from my recent painting trip to Cortona in Tuscany for the Small Gems Christmas Season show at Elliott Fouts Gallery at 4749 J Street, Sacramento, CA  (916) 736-1420

Sunday, November 23, 2008


The Christmas Shopping Season is upon us, and though budget's may be smaller this year, most of us are still shopping.   With this in mind I am writing my annual plea to all my artists friends that you seek out the work of fellow artists rather than spend your hard earned cash in chain stores, box stores etc.   CEO's DON'T NEED OUR MONEY AS MUCH AS ARTISTS AND CRAFTS PEOPLE DO!  SPEND YOUR MONEY WHERE IT COUNTS...............

Here are few of my favorite gift shopping haunts where I have found treasures created by fellow artists ranging in price from $2.00 to $20. and more:

Sacramento Fine Art Center has turned its two huge galleries into a Christmas Gift Shop.  Last year I found the cutest ear rings here for $3.00 a pair!  This year there are even more artists showing their work.   You can find boxes of my cards there; five different cards for $10. and ten different cards for $20.  I saw some lovely lavender  essential oils products for less that $5. and some really beautiful scarves, jewelry, prints etc. etc. etc.....  Shop early as this Gift Shop closes on December 13 so no last minute shopping here.  Address is 5330-B Gibbons Drive, Sacramento, hours are Tuesday 11:00 - 7:00 and Wednesday - Sunday 11:00 - 3:00.  Closed on Mondays.

Auburn Old Town Gallery has a wonderful collection of gifts at a wide variety of prices.  The jewelry there is wonderful, I have been known to send my husband shopping there for my gift.  This is a co-op gallery run by very talented and friendly artists.

Blue Line Gallery on Vernon Street in Roseville is home of the Roseville Artists Association and has a wonderful gift shop with a wide range of prices.

Elliott Fouts Gallery at 4749 J Street, Sacramento has several of my paintings on sale at $50. to $150. off the regular price as part of the gallery's annual Holiday Sale.  Beginning December 1, the Small Gems show will be featured in the main exhibit hall.  I will be showing 6 new watercolor on Aquabord paintings from my recent painting trip to Tuscany. 

Since I live in Placer County and have a studio in Sacramento I only know the shopping in these areas.  Please list your favorite art shopping places in the Comments section of this blog, especially if you live in another  city.

Remember, spend your money where it counts....with an artist!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Colors of Autumn

The colors of Autumn are always and inspiration for me. These paintings are watercolors I did in past autumns, and are the subject of my classes in Sacramento and Carmichael this month. For more information about these classes check the Classes and Workshops page on my website

My first class is at the Sacramento Fine Art Center on Thursday, October 16 from 1:00 - 5:00pm. Or you could attend my second class at the University Art Store on Saturday, Oct. 18 from 1:00 - 5:00pm. At this time both classes have openings.

There is a contact page on my website for you to email me if you are interested in attending either of these classes.

Cortona, Italy paintings by Linda Farmer

Linda finished her cute window painting and also the potted plant painting in front of the stone wall. She really captured the look of the old stone walls didn't she?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sylvia's painting done in Cortona, Italy

The photo I took of this painting by Sylvia Gude in Cortona did not come out very well so I did not include it in my blog. She recently emailed me this photo so I am posting it so you can all appreciate it. This crooked old arch had some really difficult angles and she handled it beautifully. Love her rich stone colors too.

Back home in California and picking up speed

I am back home in California now and getting back up to speed, literally. When I first arrive home from anywhere else in the world I am always struck by the fast pace we Americans live. Driving home from the Bay Area, Sylvia and I could not help but notice how fast everyone was driving and the crazy lane changes made by some drivers as they tried to go even faster.

We Americans work harder, longer, faster and worry about money more than any society I have visited. We take pride in our ability to "multi-task", we eat in our cars, and we hire people to do things we don't have time to do (like mow the lawn). Our magazines offer recipes for meals that can be prepared in 20 minutes, gyms offer fitness programs that can be done in 30 minutes, restaurants advertise "fast service" its all about time. rush rush rush.

In Europe dinner in a restaurant takes hours, all evening if you wish. You own the table until you ask for the bill. And you must ask. It is considered impolite for the restaurateur to make you feel you must leave by bringing the bill when you have not asked for it. No one cares about the time.

Every evening in Italy everyone takes a walk and visits with everyone else. The piazzas and streets are filled with people; mom's and dads push baby carriages, toddlers and kids run about, grandparents stroll along or sit on a wall or step. Cafes and bars are busy and it seems many people don't go home until the wee hours of the morning.

One night in Cortona, we were walking back to our hotel after dinner in the rain and were amazed to see the Piazza Della Repubblica was empty. Then we noticed a crowd of people standing under a stone arch all talking, and smoking (of course, this is Italy). So the rain did not put a damper on the visiting, the crowd just moved from the open piazza to stay dry under the arch.

So now I am back home and all the economy news is bad, politicians are playing that same old blame game they always play, wars are still being fought and people are rushing about with worried looks on their faces. As for me, I do my small bit by volunteering to help elect a new batch of politicians to replace the current batch of politicians that got us into this mess. Who knows if they will be any better... after all they are politicians too!

I think I will go paint a painting now, as getting into that "zone" one gets into when painting is the best stress release I know.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cast of Characters, Cortona Italy Painting Trip

Cortona Sept

The gang's all here on the steps where the Carotonese have been meeting for centuries.

Cortona Sept. 10 08 061

Celeste from Texas rolling pasta

Cortona Sept. 11 08 094

Marie from Mendocino with her painting of the Tuscan countryside

Cortona Sept. 11 08 054

Linda and Sylvia enjoying their Italian lunch.

Tommie in Cortona

Tommie raising her glass to good times in Italy.

Cortona Sept. 11 08 095

Bonnie on the farm in Tuscany.

Cortona Sept. 12 08 007

Cathy the famous artist and her roadie Pete

Cortona Sept. 12 08 019

And our wonderful hosts, Patrick and Angela of ToscanaAmericana.

If you would like to join me on my next Watercolor Workshop with ToscanaAmericana, this time in Santorini, Greece, here is the link to learn more about it.

Some of my favorite photos of Cortona

Cortona Sept. 5 08 049

Cortona Sept. 5 08 037

Cortona Sept. 5 08 063

Cortona Sept. 5 08 085

Cortona Sept. 11 08 003

Cortona Sept. 6,7 08 005

Cortona Sept. 12 08 039

September 12, 2008 our final day in Cortona

A busy day spent finishing paintings, taking photos and doing last minute shopping.  We had a "show and tell" at 6:00pm and I quickly photographed more of the students paintings. 

Cortona Sept. 12 08 035

Celeste did beautiful pencil drawings all week, but my camera just could not pick up the drawing.  She began painting some of them before we left the site, and will paint the rest from her photos when she returns home.   When she paints these lovely drawings she works from light to dark in layers.  This one is close to being finished and is so lovely I wanted to share it with everyone.

Cortona Sept. 12 08 029

Tommie captured the charm of this lovely window, copper pipe and all in the little village of Lucignano.

Cortona Garden

Here is another page from my watercolor journal, sorry my writing is too small to read.  This was painted in the garden behind the Museo di Ocesano.

Monday, September 15, 2008

September 11, 2008 afternoon painting at Le Terre die Cavalieri

This beautiful Agra-Tourisimo is in the valley below Cortona.  We enjoyed a sunny afternoon with a delightful breeze painting in this lovely place. 

Cortona Sept. 11 08 106 

Le Terre die Cavalieri

Cortona Sept. 11 08 095

Here is Bonnie with her painting standing in front of the bridge she painted.

Cortona Sept. 11 08 096

And here is Bonnie's cute painting of the bridge and the hills in the background where Cortona is located.

Cortona Sept. 11 08 092

Here is Sylvia with her painting.  Look closely at the background behind her and you will see it in her painting below.

Cortona Sept. 11 08 093

She nailed it!  Love her trees, and the farmhouse in the background is just right.

When I travel I like to create little paintings in a Watercolor Journal here's the page I did today

Cortona from below

Cortona as seen from the Tuscan valley below.

We thank the owners of Le Terre die Cavaliere for a lovely afternoon, and look forward to creating more paintings from the photos we took.

September 11, 2008 morning, painting in Lucignano

For a change of pace we left our lovely Cortona and headed to tiny Lucignano for our morning painting session and lunch, and then on to a beautiful guest house on a typical Tuscan farm for our afternoon painting session.

Cortona Sept. 11 08 018

Lucignano lane

Cortona Sept. 11 08 026

Linda painted this window,next photo is her painting.  She did not get the shadows in yet, but will do that later.

Cortona Sept. 12 08 032

Pretty painting, Linda prefers yellow flowers.

Cortona Sept. 11 08 045

The Critic!  Pete watches over Cathy's shoulder as she creates the painting I have posted below.

Cortona Sept. 12 08 030

This is Cathy's first Watercolor Workshop, hard to believe looking at this charming painting.

Cortona Sept. 11 08 039

Marie no sooner got the umbrella up than the rain quit!

Cortona Sept. 12 08 037

Marie gave herself a big challenge with double arches, a path and a garden with a statue at the end.  She did a great job!

Cortona Sept. 11 08 056

Our lovely guide Angela with her pretty fan at lunch time.

Cortona Sept. 11 08 068

"Nice People"

The ladies are pointing at the directional sign in Lucignano where it states one of the village attractions as "Nice People"!  We agree!

Friday, September 12, 2008

September 10, 2008 Florence and a cooking lesson

We took a day off from painting today to visit the Uffizi Gallery and explore a bit of the city of Florence. 

Cortona Sept. 10 08 013

Of course being artists, we had to make our first stop at an Italian Art Store!  It is always fun to see the materials artists in other countries like to work with.  Here we see pure pigments ready for Italian artists who like to mix their own paint.

Cortona Sept. 10 08 031

Angela our guide, Marie, Linda, Sylvia, Tommi, Celeste and Bonnie on the steps of the Uffizi Gallery.  Missing from this photo are Cathy and Pete who spent the day in Cortona.

Cortona Sept. 10 08 025

Florence reflections

From Florence it was on to rural Tuscany for a cooking lesson at Agriturismo I Gustasapori Fontelunga.

Cortona Sept. 10 08 043

Sunflower field in Tuscany

Cortona Sept. 10 08 058

Chef Donatella stirring the lamb.

Cortona Sept. 10 08 060

The hard working pasta rollers

Dinner was fabulous and so much more fun knowing the work that went into its preparation.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 9, 2008 TuscanaAmericana Workshop, Cortona Italy

Today we painted in the area around the medieval row houses and in the garden behind the Museo di Ocesano.  We visited with two darling children and their mother.  The little girl had a toy camera and she would point it at us and say "ready photo!" and pretend to take our picture as you see here.

Cortona Sept. 9 08 094 

Cortona Sept. 9 08 062

Marie, the Birthday Girl, hard at work on her painting of the flowers and old wall.

Cortona Sept. 9 08 116

Here's Marie's painting of the garden with the old wall behind it.  Sorry the photo is not very good, it does not do the painting justice.

Cortona Sept. 9 08 115

Linda standing by the flower pots in the garden she painted.

Cortona Sept. 9 08 114

And just so the guys at work will know she has been painting, here is a photo of her cute painting.  Again, the photo is not great but the painting is!