Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 12, 2008 our final day in Cortona

A busy day spent finishing paintings, taking photos and doing last minute shopping.  We had a "show and tell" at 6:00pm and I quickly photographed more of the students paintings. 

Cortona Sept. 12 08 035

Celeste did beautiful pencil drawings all week, but my camera just could not pick up the drawing.  She began painting some of them before we left the site, and will paint the rest from her photos when she returns home.   When she paints these lovely drawings she works from light to dark in layers.  This one is close to being finished and is so lovely I wanted to share it with everyone.

Cortona Sept. 12 08 029

Tommie captured the charm of this lovely window, copper pipe and all in the little village of Lucignano.

Cortona Garden

Here is another page from my watercolor journal, sorry my writing is too small to read.  This was painted in the garden behind the Museo di Ocesano.

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