Thursday, September 4, 2008

Exploring a residential neighborhood in Venice

We begin each day at our favorite breakfast stop, great Cappuccino, fresh squeezed orange juice, and a warm ham and cheese foccacia so big we split it.

 Venice 2008 3 005

Today we explored the neighborhood where the hotel owners live, as they thought we would like the colorful houses and the "regular neighborhood life" not what you see in the tourist areas of this city.

Great fun watching the people come and go by boat instead of cars, small motor boats parallel park in the narrow canals in front of the homes much like we would park our cars on a street in front of our homes.

Venice 2008 3 183

Two young women a dog and a baby in a stroller climb into the family boat to run errands.

Venice 2008 3 120

Everything arrives by boat and then gets moved to the home or business by human power.  It seem no one is exempt from hauling things.

Venice 2008 3 188

In Italy when you purchase a meal you own the table until you ask for the bill.  So here is Sylvia at our table by a canal under the shade of the cafe umbrella where we spent a couple of hours drawing for the price of two delicious Greek salads.

Venice 2008 4 008

Here is a little ink drawing I did in my journal of the window above the cafe.

Venice 2008 4 006

End of a great day, listening to a concert in San Marcos Square.

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