Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another fun day painting in Cortona, Italy Sept. 8, 2008

A beautiful clear sunny day, we walked up and around and up and around (those of you who know Cortona will know what I mean) to a painting site Sylvia and I found behind the church of San Francisco.

Cortona Sept. 8 08 013 

My students are troopers!  It takes more than a bleeding thumb and a cramp in a leg to stop them from painting!

Cortona Sept. 8 08 022 

The devoted son brings Mama out for her daily walk and she stops to talk to each artist and admire our work.  Neither she nor her son speaks English, we do not speak Italian, but the conversation was delightful!

Cortona Sept. 8 08 027

Pete says Cathy never misses a photo op, we believe him!

Cortona Sept. 9 08 123

Here's my little watercolor sketch of Tommie, Linda, Cathy and Marie hard at work on their paintings.

Cortona Sept. 9 08 006

If you have seen the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" or watched the TV boradcast on PBS of the Andre Reu Concert in Tuscany you will recognize the piazza where we are enjoying our wine.

Cortona Sept. 9 08 008

Tommie really did order the personal size pizza, they eat big in Italy!

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