Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Watercolor Journal Workshop in Santorini


We have been so very busy painting, and eating I have had no tine to blog.  Painting sessions are so much fun that no one wants to stop so we paint right up to lunch time.  Then we meet our guides Patrick and Angela in the chosen restaurant along with the fun folks in the oil painting workshop and the photography workshop and lunch takes two hours!  This is the Mediterranean after all, meals are taken slowly and with much wine and visiting.  And Patrick and Angela pick all the best restaurants. 

Then we are back out painting again or hiking around up and down steps taking a jillion photographs for future paintings and first thing you know it is time for wine tasting and then dinner. 

Dinner's too are absolutely delicious and take so long we get home after 10:00pm.  I barely get my photos downloaded into the computer, before falling asleep.  So I apologize for being so slow to update the blog, but we are just having too darn much fun to find the tine to do it!

That is Debbie sitting on the ground painting, Berna with the camera next to me, and I was doing a demo when these friendly folks came up and began watching the demo too.  Pat took the photo.

Pat and Crew painting.  Pat did a really cute little ink and watercolor postcard and gave it to Andre, the owner of the gate she was painting when he brought them water along with his wife's homemade cookies.  Later they got a tour of his lovely home.  He is a retired captain of a cargo ship, spoke great English and told fascinating stories.  Here is another photo with Andre.

Pat and Crew with their new friend Andre.


Angela did not want a big lunch so she just ordered a salad.  She was shocked when this mountain of salad arrived!   Meals are a big deal here, literally!

Every evening we meet at some lovely restaurant with a view (check out the end of sunset in the background) for wine before dinner.  Not being a wine drinker I am loving the tall cold glasses off fresh squeezed orange juice they serve here.  That is Debby from Arizona and Berna from Indiana (formally Walnut Creek, California) with me.

Santorini 2009 405 

This was taken near the blue dome church that everyone takes photos of in Oia.  The most sophisticated of the towns on Santorini, not to mention expensive.


Our fearless leaders, Patrick and Angela of Toscana Americana, do all the planning and coordinating to make everything run smoothly and make sure everyone has a fabulous time.


Linda Farmer said...

Great to hear from you! Sorry to hear Kathy got sick and had to cancel Greece. Forgot to tell you to say hi to Patrick and Angela too. They are absolutely the greatest hosts!!!!! They do a fantastic job! I will never forget my trip with you in Cortona last year!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip with all of us who stayed behind. It looks like a wonderful time and the scenery is beautiful. Elizabeth