Thursday, September 24, 2009

My first full day on the island of Santorini

Today was my first day on the island group that we in America call Santorini.  In Greece it is also called Thira.  The island is actually a group of islands that surround a caldera .   Our hotel is in the town of Fira, but I took a local bus north to Oia to explore the town and look for a painting site for my upcoming workshop.  Here are some of my better photos from today's exploration.


Linda Farmer said...

Hi Sandy,

Greece is just beautiful! Sure wish I could be there with you guys. Please say hello to Sylvia, Pete & Kathy for me!

Elizabeth said...

Sandy, beautiful color an artist's' dream. Have a great workshop. Elizabeth

Sandy Delehanty said...

Hi Linda,

Sylvia and Bill were on the Belgium workshop and then we went to France together but they are home now. Sadly Kathy got swine flu in Ireland, and is still recovering so she and Pete did not get to come. Patrick and Angela and I were just talking tonight about how much we miss them. The group is much smaller but we are here with an oil painting workshop and a photography workshop and all are so much fun, we are having a great time. Hope you can join me on another painting trip one of these days. Sandy