Sunday, September 13, 2009

Painting in the tiny Belgian village of Damme

September 10, 2009 saw 5 of my students choosing to paint again in the tiny village of Damme (home of the windmill we painted the first day). I love this photo because it shows just how friendly small town folk are when they see an artist at work. I have experienced this same reaction in small villages in France, Italy, Bali and in the good old USA.

Teresa chose to take one of the hotel's bicycles and petal into Brugge for a day of exploration, shopping and probably some chocolate tasting. Bonnie chose to stay at our lovely hotel and paint a still life she loves in the dining room, and finish other paintings she did earlier in the week. I'll post some of her paintings later.

Helping Margaret with her painting of the houses on this cute little street.

Here is Margaret's painting. Catherine was painting nearby and did a very difficult drawing of several little houses on this street, but somehow I did not get a photograph of her painting. Maybe Jackie will post it on her blog and I can copy it.

Linda, Sylvia and I found a cute little white house with great shadow shapes across from a little park where we could sit under shade trees. There was a cold wind gusting a lot, so we did not really need the shade.

Here is Sylvia's painting, she is not finished yet, but it is coming along so nicely I wanted to post it anyway.

Linda captured the fun of this scene with her painting.

Sorry I did not get a clear shot of my painting, I am using a new camera on this trip and it appears I need to read the instruction manual more carefully!

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