Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hydra Greece through the lens of an artist

First let me say, I am not a photographer.  I take photographs  with the eyes of a painter.  I look for scenes I might want to paint, or quirky things that interest me.  I love to paint shadow patterns, so unlike professional photographers who seem to love overcast days, I  love sunny days.  Here are a few of my favorite photos I have taken here on the tiny island of Hydra Greece:

Every thing on this island moves by human power or donkeys or
Hydra 2009 122 
Hydra 2009 179

Here is one thing that has changed since I lived her 40 years ago, there is a vehicle on the island now.  Only one, a garbage truck!  This scene reminded me of the old meets the new, the garbage man is unloading garbage from the donkeys onto his garbage truck.  The truck can only go on the slightly widened old donkey path that goes from Kamini around to Hydra Harbor and then on to the dump around on the side of the island.  All the garbage has to be brought to the truck by donkeys.
Hydra 2009 282

This crusty old guy in his row boat seems to be left over from a bygone era.  This photo was actually being directed and staged by a guy with a big video camera on a tripod, I just saw it and jumped up and snapped the photo too.  I can see now I need to photo shop the edge of the guy's tripod out of the right corner.

Retired sea captain?

As for what has changed, well in 40 years Hydra is now more affluent as the economy now depends more on tourism and less on fishing.  I was here in 1969 , when the Junta controlled the Greek government and there was no freedom, let alone speech.  Sunday night a politician hit town and made a speech down on the harbor.  About 50 people stood and sat in chairs listening and clapping once in awhile.   And of course there are two ATMs in town one garbage truck, wy-fy and small boutique hotels and satellite TV.  New houses and old ones have been renovated, but all fit the look of Hydra so well you would have to have been here before to know what is new and what is old.

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