Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Tuesday and this is Belgium

We began the day sketching and painting at our beautiful hotel. The day is warm and sunny today, perfect for visiting the beach on the North Sea this afternoon. Teresa is sitting by the pool sketching the solarium dining room.

Bill is the photographer of our group, he is editing photos while his wife Sylvia draws the rooster weather vane above the barbique building. After a yummy lunch we were off to Ostend.

Bonnie stands in another of the world's oceans, this time the North Sea. I have been with her when she waded in the Pacific Ocean on Kauai, and swam in the Indian Ocean off Bali.

Margaret, Bonnie, Me, Teresa, Catherine and Linda, Sylvia and Bill are off exploring somewhere.

Ostend is a resort town these days on the North Sea in Flemish speaking, Flanders Belgium. You can get some idea of the damage that was inflicted on this city in World War Two from this photo. Note the ornate 1800s building in the center with the modern apartment buildings on both sides. Only a handful of these old buildings exist along this stretch of the coast line, all the others are new since the war. Jackie is from southern French speaking Belgium, and her parents liked to come to the North Sea and rent an apartment overlooking the beach just like the apartments we see here for their summer vacations.

You can't beat European beaches for people watching!

Jackie appearing very European in the hat.

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