Monday, October 5, 2009

Santorini Watercolor Workshop with Sandy Delehanty

I am sitting on my balcony next to my clothesline with some drip drying clothes listening to the sounds of Santorini; church bells ringing somewhere in the distance, a motor bike zips by and doves cooing.  


my Cactus Clothesline quick sketch

There is something about funky chairs, last trip I loved a hot pink chair, this trip it is the yellow chair on the fun angle.  Debbie painted it too.

And here is Debbie's chair.

Churches are everywhere, many are family churches or tiny memorial churches.  Here are some of our paintings of churches.


Debby painted this church above us on the first day.  Love the transparent color and the reflective color and light she captured in the windows.

We loved the view from the restaurant where we ate lunch in Oia so we set up a little mini-studio there.

Debbie did this painting from the restaurant.


This was taken as I was looking at Pat's painting she did from the "restaurant studio".

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