Monday, October 5, 2009

Collecting Santorini Churches


Everywhere in Greece there are churches, and Santorini has hundreds of them.  Many are family churches, some are memorials to someone who died or a tiny church may be built where a miracle happened.  Big, or small, they may be hundreds of years old but there shapes are somehow strangely modern.

On Santorini many churches are decorated with pieces of lava rock adhered to them.  Often the rock is left black, but on this church it is painted the blue of the dome.

Artists that paint Santorini always paint some churches, and my students and I were no exception.  Below are some of our impressions of the Santorini churches.

Berna did a lovely painting of this church from the rear view.  A lazy Santorini dog lay down beside her, making itself comfortable on her brush holder.  When she got up to leave it refused to move so she had to pull the brush holder out from underneath him!

Berna's rear view of the same church pictured above.  

Here is another church painting by Berna. 

Crew did this beautiful pencil sketch of a church, but my camera did not pick up the light pencil lines very well.   It is a sensitive drawing, just lovely in real life.

Berna did this little watercolor in her journal from her hotel balcony.  This church had red and yellow trim instead of being all white or white and blue like most Santorini churches.  I did see this color combination on several tiny churches on Hydra island before coming to Santorini.   Scroll down to see previous post written on Hydra. 


I sat on some stairs and did this very quick sketch of this tiny bell tower in my journal before the hot sun drove off in search of a cool drink. 

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Lovely sketches and paintings!