Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Creating Watercolor Memories of Santorini

I titled this workshop "CREATING WATERCOLOR MEMORIES OF SANTORINI"  because I knew the trip would be memorable for my students and me.   The location is beautiful, romantic and a little exotic in a way, so a perfect place to create watercolor journals or small paintings. 

But it is always my students that make the best memories for me.   My students were each a joy to be with, and we shared lots of discoveries and lots of laughs.  Their desire to discover the culture, history and beauty of the island equaled my own.   Our curiosity and our passion for painting propelled us up those steep steps to find the perfect spot for the next  painting or photograph.

In addition we got to know photographers and oil painters who were also doing workshops with Toscana Americana as we shared all our meals together and the boat ride and exploring of the monastery and traditional villages.  All these wonderful and creative people made our time on the island of Santorini even more memorable.

Thank you Patrick and Angela for all of your planning, coordinating, thoughtfulness and hard work that made this such a special workshop.

Some of my Santorini memories are....

fun times with good friends,



teaching students who were passionate painters and a joy to be with

photos 0ps for future paintings,


the locals,

famous photo ops,


blue gates,

delicious Greek food


crazy waiters,

famous sunsets.


any wonder why I teach travel workshops? 

Next year... Cortona, a perfectly charming medieval village in the Tuscany region of Italy.  Want to join me?    Here is the link to the website that will tell you all about my workshop scheduled for September 4 - 11, 2010.   www.toscanaamericana.com/sandydelehantytuscany.html.

Cortona 2008 001

Cortona 2008 010

Pink Chair, Cortona
"Pink Chair, Cortona Italy"

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