Monday, October 5, 2009

Watercolor Memories of Santorini

'The only good  thing about long flights is that they give me time to edit my hundreds and hundreds of photos that I have downloaded into this net book computer every night for the last month.  I then make duplicates in reduced size that can be loaded up on the blog more quickly.  Finally, I use Windows Live Writer to write each post on this blog and load the reduced size photos on it.  When I can get back on line, which probably won't be until I get home Sunday night or Monday (October 5 already!)  So that explains why you will see a number of posts go up on my blog on Monday October 5, that were written earlier.

My students and I could spend months here and never capture all the paintings that are on this island.  Everywhere you look there is a painting.

Charming blue gates. doors and windows are everywhere.

I love how Berna captured all the bright colors in this scene.

She also painted this old door that looked like someone had been testing paint colors on it.

Speaking of old, here is Crew's unfinished painting of a very old falling down house.

Debbie captured the peeling paint and tilted shutter on this old window on our first day.

I loved the cockeyed angle off this old falling apart grape arbor. Debbie and  I both painted it but I can't find a photo of her painting, I must have forgotten to photograph it, sorry.

While we were painting the arbor a little old man came along with a broom and a dustpan on a stick.  We think he was the Donkey Poop SMooper man.  Anyway, he plopped himself down on the narrow stone steps leading back up to the village and went to sleep.  We were just beginning to wonder how we would get by him and go up the steps for lunch when he was awakened by his cel phone.   We figured maybe his boss was looking for him. 

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