Monday, October 5, 2009

Toscana Americana Workshops take to the sea


We commandeered this boat from Captain Jack Sparrow and toured the Santorini caldera on a beautiful sunny day. 

Captain Patrick, is he saluting or does he have a headache?

First Mate Angela, looking  like Jackie O. cruising the  Greek Islands on a yacht.

First stop, the volcano that Judy fell in two years ago and broke her arm.  She returned to Santorini again, but skipped the hike up to the top of the volcano this time and painted on board ship instead.   

I took this photo over the lava on the island of a huge cruise ship parked in the caldera with the cliffs and the village of Fira in the background.  The cruise ships unload thousands of people onto the island and all seem to walk the same street (called the "street of gold") due to all the jewelry shops there.   You learn quick how to avoid the crowds by taking the tiny streets the locals use.

We stopped for a swim near the hot springs.   These cute boats were there with their laundry hanging out to dry.

I did this quick sketch of the "laundry boats" in the photo above while the boat stopped for swimming.

The poop deck crew.  Doug, Sara, Crew and Pat, Mary is there somewhere.

The boat pulled up to a seaside village of about 20 buildings, 3 or 4 were restaurants.   The owner of the restaurant we chose displayed the food on the grill by the entry.  Good way to entice customers.

Mousaka and other casseroles waiting for hungry tourists.

Catch of the Day

Crew did this beautiful drawing back at the hotel from memory!

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