Monday, October 5, 2009

Watercolors of Santorini's villages and rocks

Santorini is a group of islands that surround a sunken caldera from an ancient volcano.  It is famous for its tiny villages that seem to drip down the rocky cliffs towards the sea in the center of the caldera. 

Each artist approaches this scenery in a different way.

I did this ink and watercolor sketch in my Watercolor Travel Journal.  For me it was all about the proportion.  Nature created these fabulous giant cliffs with their multi-colored layers when the volcano exploded and then collapsed into the sea creating the caldera.  In comparison, man's villages around the rim of the caldera seem so very small and insignificant to me.

Debbie had a colorful whimsical take on the village on top of the rocks.

Pat had a totally different take on the scene.  She did a very serene abstracted painting of the islands in the middle of the caldera.  Her colors are delicious!

Here she is at work on the above painting;  check out that look of concentration!

Pat and Crew and I at our "studio".  The nice lady who owned the restaurant where we had lunch let us stay and paint there all afternoon. 

While Berna's painted this painting of the village of Fira, she was visited by a tiny kitten and was cut off from Debbie and I by the Pooper Scooper Man sleeping on the stairs. 

Crew loves rocks.  He did not paint or sketch the villages on the rocks but chose instead to do this wonderful ink drawing of the rocks themselves.  He began the sketch, while standing by the side of the road and completed much of it while the rest of us were exploring a monastery on top of a hill.

Pat did not have time to complete this painting but she got off to a good start and had fun doing it. 

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