Monday, May 26, 2008

Towels above the Vernazza Marina, a watercolor

Yes I have been painting, not just photographing, although I have a tun of new photos to paint from when I return home.
While painting this painting seated in a shady spot of the marina square in Vernazza yesterday an American lady sat down and struck up a conversation. She said she was waiting for her husband who was over there swimming, but he too was here painting. An oil painter, they had been traveling around Europe by car and being a fast painter he has already painted many paintings. She complained about the place they were staying so I loaned her my Rick Steve's book so she could find a better spot. They were traveling without Rick Steve's Guide Book, is that possible?????? Anyway, the next photo (which will actually be the previous photo as the blog posts the last ones first) is of the painter and his wife.

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