Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ciao! from Riomaggoire, Itlay

Ciao! This is my home in Riomaggorie, Cinque Terre Italy for the next 5 days. I am on a painting trip (solo this time) to Italy. Then I will meet my friends in Lyon France where I will be teaching a watercolor workshop for French Escapade.

My journey here was long, long, and longer! 3 airplanes a shuttle bus and two trains. A very big and confusing train station in Milan. Note to self, next time fly to Genoa, I know that train station well!

The only hitch was the first train trip. I bought my ticket form the nice lady that spoke English in the travel agency 365 in Milan train station like Rick Steve's book says, got on a very nice fast train to La Spezia (the end of the line). Then I was to catch a frequent regional train to Riomaggorie. Well, I fell asleep on the train, not surprising since I had not slept on all the airplanes. When I awoke everyone was getting off the train so I assumed it was the end of the line and hurried off. It was a very crowded station and as I searched for the posted train schedule to find the track to be on for the train to Riomaggorie I began to feel like I had been there before. Oh yeah, this is Genoa! Susan and I missed our train here two years ago! Well at least I knew where to find the Information Office where they speak English, been there done that! I swear it was the same white haired man that helped me locate a train to get me to Riomaggorie and assured me that my ticket would still work. Anyway I made it, and after a very deep sleep last night in my cute little room, I am out exploring today. Its overcast, spits a bit of rain now and then but comfortable around 72 degrees I think.

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