Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ciao! Update from Cinque Terre, Italy


There are 5 villages in the Cinque Terre, I chose to stay in Riomaggorie (village number 1 in Rick Steve's bood) this time as it is the quietest of the 4 beach villages (the train goes through the bottom of the village and I have a room at the top of the village). But of course the only wy-fy access is in Vernazza, village number 4. Regional trains run a couple of times an hour all day long and cost 1euro,40cents for a ticket that lasts 6 hours, so no big deal to travel among the villages. With so much to paint, photograph, and see however, I choose to spend my time out in it all instead of the Internet cafe, so that is why you have not had many updates to this blog. It is sprinkling at the moment so perfect time to catch up on the blog. This cute photo was caught when the sun was out a few days ago in Vernazza, a painting waiting to be done for sure! Vernazza is the most popular village so many tourists to try to see around to paint. I'll paint from my photos here when I get home.

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