Thursday, May 22, 2008

Riomaggorie Marina

Its rainy today and the sea is a bit rough for the little boats so they are all stacked up in the marina. Riomaggorie is very tiny and friendly, not like the cities of Italy, it is easy to feel at home here.
The train unloaded two groups of 50 or so tourists, one all German, one American this morning. The other tourists are all on there own, not with tour groups, mostly young 20 somethings with back pack's, American, but I have heard Brit and Ausie accents too, and some youngsters from Germany. Then there is my age tourist, mostly German, some American, the ones inbetween 20 and 60 must be all at home working! Well I am off to find a place to paint under and umbrella. stay tuned. Sandy

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