Monday, May 26, 2008

Recognize these two?

That's right, as I was talking with the friendly lady her husband came up from his swim, and asked where I was from. When I said Penryn, he said, "Do you know Victoria Brooks?" It was Silvio Sylvester and his wife Katheryn from Grass Valley. I have seen his paintings in shows around the area, but never met him. How fun is that?
Anyway I finished my painting and went to get a table across the square at the restaurant, Silvia (not sure I am spelling his name right) set up to paint the square. Just then a procession appeared around the corner from the church, lead by children scattering flowers along path already made of blossoms across the square and up the main street, came a procession. Brothers carrying a cross, the Father followed by most of the village singing a song. A lady waiting for a table said, "Oh look they have hired a painter to capture the procession!" and pointed to Sylvio!
The Sylvesters were able to find a place to stay from my Rick Steve's book and we shared a nice dinner and train ride. I have not seen them today but where ever they are I am sure they are having fun. I painted another Vernazza Gelato place today, last time I was here I did not see this one, maybe it is new. The other one across the lane from it I painted last time. I have a bit more to do on it so will post it later.

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jgrandchamps said...

How amazing!!! Going to italy and meeting people from your area who knows Vitoria. She just left to go to Annecy, the little Venice of the Alps. She is an excellent teacher and was great on our trips here in France. We all had a great time. I am looking forward to having you here now.