Friday, September 10, 2010

Watercolors Under the Tuscan Sun September 7, 2010

Sepyember 4,5, 2010 111

“Bramasole” the home of the American author Frances Mayes and her husband Ed.  I read Under the Tuscan Sun when it first came out, and on this trip I am reading Bella Tuscany.   We stopped to photograph the home when a nice American lady came out the gate and greeted us saying she is not Francis, she is Ed’s sister.  Of course the ladies wanted to have their photo taken with her and she agreed.  We had a nice visit with her before we went on to our painting location.

Sepyember 4,5, 2010 114

Below is a photo of Cortona from above the Portal Montania (Mountain Gate) the upper most gate in the city wall.

And more photos taken inside the city walls.

Sepyember 4,5, 2010 179

Sepyember 4,5, 2010 178

This photo is suppose to make me look tall!  That is a real door I am standing next to.  I wonder how tall the people were that lived here 400 plus plus years ago?

It was a great day for painting, sunny with clouds rolling by and perfect temperatures.  Right after we got back to our hotel the clouds stopped rolling by and drenched the town in a thunderstorm.

The food here is incredibly good, and Patrick and Angela our making sure we get our fill and then some!  Good thing we are walking up and down hills all day or we won’t fit into our clothes when we leave.

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