Sunday, September 19, 2010

Positano Photo Gallery

Sitting at LAX I decide to write one more story about my vacation in Positano because I have some more photos I want to share. 


Positano beach scene

There seems to be two rules for sunbathing here:

1.  Show as much skin as possible (no matter your age).

2.  What little you wear should be very brightly colored.

A local painter, paints on the beach and sells his work in a nearby garden.


These clever people created a rocking night club inside the rocks.

An ink drawing made during lunch one day, the old watch tower watches over the 2010 beach scene below.

Local guy checks out the tourists below his balcony.

Taking Mama for an early evening stroll.

Father and son, men of the sea..

I saw this same roof design all over Santorini Greece last year.  They tell me the domes are filled with sand and it insulates the home from the heat.  The dips between the domes, create channels for the water to run off the roof into drain pipes located on the side of the house.  Very clever engineering, and so simple.

Doors of a small abandoned church.

Half way up the 72 steps to my hotel, you can stop and pray you will make it.

Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Hope you enjoyed my vacation photos and that they make you want to get out and explore the world.  Please leave comments below,  Sandy


Marleen said...

I like the photo of the two men with the boat. The rock club was ingenious. So the 72 steps (you counted) helped out, They were there so you could dine on gelato and not worry about the calories. There's always a good reason. The town literally just hangs off the cliff. Gorgeous.

Scintilla said...

Recognized a few locals in these shots. Thanks for sharing!