Friday, September 10, 2010

Exploring the Tuscan Countryside September 9. 2010

Today was our day to explore the Tuscan countryside.  We left Cortona driving down into the valley below, then followed winding narrow roads through farm land passing ancient homes some beautifully restored, others abandoned and crumbling.   We passed  drooping sunflowers, freshly plowed fields, olive trees, many with ancient looking twisted trunks, and vineyards.

September 9 2010 057

September 9 2010 066

After climbing another hill we reached the very tiny walled village of Vie di Lucignano, our destination for the morning watercolor painting session and lunch.

I wonder how many times this wall has been repaired over the centuries.

Bill and Pat visited while Crew sketched in this lovely piazza.

Rose Michelle found a pretty corner in the same Piazza, while Cathy and Berna chose views on opposite sides of the square.

Cathy’s assistant Pete hard at work…

Mary Jean has attracted an audience of art critiques.

After a yummy lunch in an outdoor cafe in sunshine with a light breeze, perfect weather so far today, we drove to a beautiful Agra Tourisimo (Agriculture Bed & Breakfast) on a farm below Cortona owned by friends of Angela.  We spent a relaxing couple of hours relaxing and sketching on the grounds, here are some photos of this lovely place:


September 9 2010 072

September 9 2010 074

September 9 2010 081

 September 9 2010 082

ToscanaAmericana is the name of the tour company running this wonderful workshop.  Owner Patrick and his lovely Angela love to teach us about Tuscan food so every meal is an adventure in fabulous food.   Everyone orders different things with plates passing back and forth as we all sample each others dishes and eat and eat and eat and enjoy and enjoy. Tonight I had  Patrick’s recommendation of pork with bacon and plums and I have to say it was my favorite meal yet.   yum!

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