Wednesday, September 8, 2010


While the tourists visit the Basilica we artists hang out in the top of the town on the tiny lanes with all the houses with their flower pots.  Flowers, flowers, and more flowers.  Ancient buildings along stone lanes where so many have walked before you, it gives me a real feeling for history.

September 7 2010 Assisi 067

Sylvia did this quick ink sketch while we were sitting having cold juice at tables outside a bar.  The assignment today was to work quick and tell only the necessary story, not the whole book.  We also took many many reference photos for later paintings.  And of course since this is Assisi we toured churches.

September 7 2010 Assisi 053

September 7 2010 Assisi 025

September 7 2010 Assisi 030

Bill our intrepid explorer and photographer.

Here’s a little sketch  I did of a bunch of arches and walls going every which way in about a half hour.  I am not sure if you can read my writing, but basically it says that I did not pick the best step to sit on because a dump truck stopped and dumped a load of dirt right next to where I was sitting.

Dinner was fabulous again last night, and Cathy and Pete joined us after their visit with family in Ireland.  Now the gang is all here for the rest of the stay.

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