Friday, June 11, 2010

Sunny day in Soreze France

I walked miles today on every one of the old streets in this small town taking photographs because the sun came out.  My theory on photography is you can never take too many photos, especially in the digital age.  You just never know which one might become a painting later on.  So to give you an idea of how lovely this little town is, here is a tiny fraction of the photos I took.

An American lives here, she gets the French look.

This afternoon a thunderstorm moved in but it has not amounted to much so far.  I am working on a painting of a cute house on Aquabord, not sure if I like the surface yet for painting this subject matter.  The good thing about not teaching a workshop is I am free to experiment like this, as no one expects a masterpiece out of me.

More tomorrow…

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