Sunday, June 13, 2010

Its Sunday, lovely quite day in the village of Soreze, France

As I write at the Cafe Claudie where I can connect with the Internet a group of village men are beginning a game of patanque.   It involves rolling little round steel balls and I gather trying to get close or knock away.  Oh they just let Kris roll one and she did good!  They play it all over France, also in Italy where it is called Bocce.

Today began with rain so I painted from photos on my computer in the lovely studio.  Then the rain stopped and the sun came out and Sherry and I went for a walk.  I toured the wonderful old military school and Abby here, 16th century to 1991 it had students.  Many of Napoleon's general’s were schooled here.   It is a beautiful warm evening, but there are thunderheads around so that could change.  Last night we had a huge thunder storm after dinner complete with hail and lightening.  We watched from the bedroom on the third floor, very exciting.  The locals say this is the wettest year they remember, even had a foot of snow in May on the mountain above town which is not very high, at least compared to our Sierras.  This is Southwest France so it is not suppose to snow in May.

I am staying in a home owned by California artist Carole Watanaby.  It is so “artsy” everywhere you look is a painting, either on canvas or directly on the walls, or a still life or pretty fabrics etc.  Here are some photos of the home:

my bedroom

mural in my bedroom painted by Carole

One of Carole’s paintings with a friend (on the stairs).

Kris reflected in an old mirror in the studio.

still life in the studio

our large well lit studio on the third floor

A still life in the studio, ready for rainy days..

I forgot to photograph the paintings I did today, so I will send them in my next posting. Tomorrow we have no internet connection as it is Claudie’s one day off and he is closed.  So next posting will be on Tuesday.  I leave that day, so who knows where I will find the Internet.

Ah my cafe crème arrived.  The cafe owner insists I order it as “Cafe Claudie” (his name).  Kris joined me and is having a beer, Sherry is home painting, such is this fast paced life here in Soreze.

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