Thursday, June 10, 2010

Its a small world after all

First I learned that the home of my friends Gregory and Monnie Kondos is near here, next I met our next door neighbor, a painter from California named Leo who knows Gregory.  Then a lady saw me painting, and came up to me and asked if I am the watercolor artist staying at Carole’s house.  Word gets around fast in a tiny village, just like my hometown!  Anyway she is also an American, and lives here part of the year.  She asked me if I new Barbara Roth because she is taking a workshop from Barbara in the next town.  I was amazed!  I have known Barbara for a few years now.  She used to live in Auburn, we have both taught at the Sacramento Fine Art Center and for Toscana Americana in Cortona.  Glenda, the lady I met offered to give Kris and I a ride to the next town to stop in on Barbara’s workshop, and we could walk back.  So we popped in on Barbara and her students, checked out that cute town and then walked home through the woods.  Great day, and fun to see Barbara.

Today the sun came out, yeah!

Night at the movies…my roomies Sherry and Kris watching JULIE AND JULIA thanks to Burke loading movies on my computer.


Sherry on her way to paint a very old rock wall.

I ran all over town with my camera once the sun came out.  There are paintings everywhere, this is the cross the street neighbor house. 

This is what is left of an historic old church, they now use it for concerts.

This little village has medieval houses like this all over the place.  Soreze is about the size of Mendocino, and like Mendocino has been discovered by artists from the USA, France and other countries.  Like Mendocino before it became commercialized, the artists have bought old homes or half destroyed falling down buildings and renovated them creating homes and studios.  So far it is not over run with tourists and art galleries so it is still affordable for us artists.


Here is a little painting I did in my watercolor journal today.

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