Saturday, June 12, 2010

Market day and fishing derby

Saturday is Market Day in Revel, the larger town near here.  We took the very nice local bus for 2 euro and went to the market.  It was very large, the food section overflowed the centuries old market square cover in the center of the town.  Then there was a whole other section where vendors sold clothes, hats, etc.  I wondered and took photos for awhile, then shopped, bought yogurt made of goat milk, strawberries and asparagus, very very fresh.  I then found a cafe right on market square and sat down with a cafe crème to sketch.  Trying to capture people as they shopped is really hard!  Here are a few of my photos of the market:

The bus took us back to Soreze in time for lunch.  Then I headed for the children’s fishing derby that Remi (friend of the owner of our house who does the handy work on the house) told us about.  A fishing club sponsors the event.  They stock a pond with farm grown trout and then teach the kids how to catch them.  Lionus, Remi’s son, caught several while I was there.  I think they starve the fish before planting them as the kids seemed to catch one with every cast.   Two things they were doing that was new to me, holding the fish with a rag wrapped around them, and using a plastic thing with a slot in it to remove the hook.  OK Burke, check out these fish:

The weather was lovely today, so took some more photos this afternoon before painting.  Many of the homes here (including the one I am staying in) are 16th and 17th century.   Rest assured it is more modern inside. 

ooops I hear thunder.  Last night we heard a few rumbles and ignored it, I walked down to the internet bar when it was just rumbling a bit.   Warm, so did not take my jacket or umbrella.  By the time I finished emailing it was pouring as hard as I have ever seen a rain storm rain.  Lucky for me, Kris arrived with a big umbrella from the house.   So I am dashing to the bar with my umbrella to upload this before the evening deluge begins.  Today was sunny and about 70 degrees so can’t complain, hope your weather at home is nice too.  Is it still raining or has it become summer finally?

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