Monday, June 2, 2008

We are invited for Walnut Wine

Louis pours walnut wine What I love about this part of France is that there are no tourists.  That means that the local villagers are happy that we American's discovered their village and are so proud to show us around. The lady in the check shirt is Chantel Pinaurd, she invited us into her beautiful garden to paint her charming house, garden or whatever.  When it rained she quickly made room for us in her house.

When we asked if we could buy a book that her neighbor wrote about the village of Virieu, she called him to see if he had anymore books.  His name is Louis Fournier.  He invited all of us into his home, poured his homemade walnut wine for everyone and autographed books for us while he and Chantel told stories about the village.   A very special afternoon I shall not forget.  

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