Monday, June 2, 2008

Virieu Castle

After painting in the village of Virieu yesterday, we drove up the hill to Virieu Castle to take a tour with an English speaking guide that was arranged by French Escapade. The tour was fascinating, the gardens beautiful, but the best part perhaps, was the festival. The village and castle of Virieu were having some kind of a local celebration, we were not sure what the were celebrating, but were invited to take part. We saw the paintings that were painted of the castle by local artist that day, and agreed with the judges choice of the prize winners. We were offered a new spiced wine created in honor of the castle with a photo of the castle on the label, and lots of lovely appetizers. We could not converse with most of the villagers present, but those that could speak English made us feel very welcome. Such fun, and Josephine loved the spiced wine!

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