Friday, December 28, 2007

Vernazza, Italy a page in my Watercolor Journal

The comment from Molly B of Petaluma that she would be interested in knowing if I publish a book promted me to post this page from my Watercolor Travel Journal. This is how I love to paint when I travel. I use small hardbound books of watercolor paper and fill them with little ink and watercolor paintings and stories about my trip. The stories are fun to read as they tell who I was with, what sounds I heard while painting, what we ate for lunch, who we met, etc. The little paintings however, make the journal so much more special than a typical travel journal. This page was created in the tiny village of Vernazza, in the Cinque Terre, Italy. You can't read my writing in the photo of the page so I will quote it here: "July 14, 2006 The view from our balcony room 22 the annex of Pensione Sorriso, Vernazza, Italy. Susan and I spent the day photographing and sketching this story-book village. The languages we hear as we sit and sketch are mostly Italian and American English, but also Australian English and German. Church bells chime on the hour and on the half hour with a little bell announcing the half past." If you would like to join me and create your own Watercolor Journal of Italy read about my next painting trip to Italy in September, 2008 at

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