Monday, December 31, 2007

Mendocino Rhodie

As we come to the final hours of 2007 I feel it is appropriate for my last post of the year to go out with a bang, so here is my big winner this year. "Mendocino Rhodies" was accepted into one of this country's most prestigious open National competitions for watercolor painters, the California Watercolor Associations' 39th Annual National Exhibition. This is my second time to be juried into this show and I must say I was very excited to receive such an honor. The painting is not for sale. It hangs in our dining room as a reminder of what can happen when the Painting Gods smile on me. May 2008 bring more peace and understanding, more giving and sharing, more freedom and good health to all the peoples of the world. And may we all become better stewards of the health of our shared planet. Happy Painting my friends, and may your next painting be a Masterpiece!

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