Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fishing Flys Are Fun!

"Parachute Adams" is a portrait of a fishing fly tied by my husband Burke. It is one in a series of fishing fly portraits that began in 2006. I had been invited to exhibit paintings in the Elliott Fouts Gallery's annual December small paintings group show in 2006. In previous years I had painted chocolate truffles and chocolate covered strawberries for the December show. At my husband's suggestion I painted ten fishing fly portraits. When I delivered them to the gallery, Elliott wondered allowed if there were as many people who liked fishing flys as there were chocolate lovers. We sold them all and took orders for 7 more in a matter of days! So yes, there are many people who like fishing flys! There are more of these flys available on my website, All are original oils painted on canvas 5" x 5" with edges painted (framing not necessary). They can be purchased for $85.00 plus shipping by calling Elliott Fouts Gallery at (916) 736-1429. Credit Cards accepted, shipping available.

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