Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Have Paints Will Travel to Provence, France

My friend Bonnie and I arrived in Avignon, France a couple of days before my French Escapade Watercolor Workshop.  We stayed at le Colbert, a lovely little hotel recommended in Rick Steves "France" book. 

We found the patio of the le Colbert the perfect place to do some warm up paintings prior to my workshop.

While having lunch in the square I sketched this man having a smoke while watching the action in the le Corp Saint square below.

Almost everyone is here now, we are having dinner at an outcoor cafe on the main square in Avignon.  We are toasting to being in Paradise if the world ends (it is May 21st).  The French did not understand the reason behind our toast.  They must not have wacky preachers that predict the end of the world here, either that or the French media pays no attention to them.


valérie said...

Fantastic pictures, Sandy! Makes me feel like painting. Have fun today in Saint Remy.

jgrandchamps said...

We had a fabulous week, thank you to you again for being such a great teacher.
Where are you now? I keep checking the blog for more because I enjoy them but it seems that you are busy painting somewhere.
I hope the weather is not a problem because it has been raining here in Rhone Alps.