Wednesday, May 25, 2011

French Escapade in Provence...continued...

Here we are having our first dinner on the terrace our first evening, we are: Jan, Barbara, Jackie, me, Bonnie, Linda, Linda and Margret. Jerome and Martine own La Maison aux Volets Bleus and Jerome is a fabulous French chef. We are eating well!

Martine is an artist, so everywhere you look there is a painting.

Bonnie in the doorway of her room.

The view from the terrace and all my students rooms, very inspiring!

I have been writing my blog off line as I always do in "Live Writer" but when I try to upload onto this blog it gets blocked. The error message is very long, so clearly something is not right. Because of my busy schedule, and the fact that I can only get on line in the living room, not always convenient, I am behind in sharing with all of you the fun we are having. Sorry about that.

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