Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Breakfast still life.

Our first day of painting will be here in Venasque. The ramparts will built in the eleventh century.

Only in France would a village post office have a trellis of iron work painted a lovely lavender and hanging baskets of flowers. Note the beautifully fashined iron sign announcing "La Poste".

The Venasque Boulangerie (bakery where you buy your bread and other baked goods). The village is too small to have a grocery store or a green grocer, but every village no matter how tiny has a boulangerie.

Bonnie painting the boulangerie.

Margret using her "go-figure" to measure an angle.

At the end of the first day everyone had created at least one painting and some were on their second one. No one offered there paintings to be photographed for the blog however.

We had critique along with aperitifs and then enjoyed a very tasty and filling dinner on the terrace again, then everyone crashed in bed for a good night's sleep.

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