Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tropical Flower Painting Class, Jo Kopp’s painting

Bird by Jo Kopp

As a teacher there is nothing more fun then seeing a student complete a painting that she is happy with.  Especially when I know it is a step in a new direction, or one of her best paintings.  So thank you Jo for emailing this photo of your completed painting from the Tropical Flower Painting class in February.  It is truly a beauty!

Just so you know how hard Jo worked to create this painting, here is a description of what we did in this class:

The Tropical Flower Painting class is a watercolor class I teach each February, that helps students to really “see”  to their subjects better.  We work from live flowers, no photos allowed.  We concentrate on really seeing the colors made by reflected light bouncing into shadows, the texture of the plant, how the shapes relate, the true colors, all the things that don’t always show up when working from a photograph. 

If you missed it, watch for this class again next February.

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