Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Silk Painting Workshop to be held in Auburn

My friend Silk Painter Merridee Smith asked me to spread the word about this exciting workshop.  Merridee is hosting the workshop in her Auburn studio, and the Instructor is the well known silk painter Susan Louise Moyer. 

Merridee says Watercolor enthusiasts as well as silk painters will find this workshop to be an exciting departure from tradition and an inspiration for new directions.

3-Day DyeColour Painting on Silk Technique

Instructor:  Susan Louise Moyer

June 4 – 6, Friday, Saturday, Sunday   9:30am – 4:30pm

Old Library Art Studios (OLAS)

175 Almond Street, Auburn, CA 95603

Level:  Novice-Advanced

$350. workshop, $35. materials fee

The DyeColour process involves sizing the surface of the silk so that liquid dyes can be applied without the use of resist.  The diversity of the medium gives the artist a smorgasbord of techniques that go beyond traditional watercolor.  Silk is more forgiving than paper allowing the artist to apply, manipulate and pick up color without the worry of destroying the surface.  The transparent dye enables the artist to mix and achieve luminous rich color.  The painting techniques that will be taught include:  washes, shading, blending, textures, stenciling and wax resist.  Color theory, composition and combining traditional silk painting techniques with DyeColour painting will also be explored.  As the inspired artist develops ideas that involve multiple techniques, the potential of this creative medium expands to meet the needs of the artist allowing the artist to grow.

Registration and information:

Merridee Joan Smith   email  web site

Susan Louise Moyer  (800) 790-6377

email  web site  

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