Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Conversation

Tonight is Second Saturday, and here is my latest painting hanging in my studio in the gallery, the "Second Story Sunset" is in the main exhibit hall in the gallery as part of the Sunset Show. Party is from 6:00pm - 9:00pm come join the fun. Elliott Fouts Gallery, 4749 J Street Sacramento, CA.

"The Conversation" is a watercolor created from photos taken in The Floating Market in Thailand. All commerce is done on or along the canals with venders and shopers in boats and also venders and shoppers on the shore. Its a very colorful place, lots of haggeling, noize and unusual smells. My friends and I were in a small boat and our lady paddler obviously got some sort of a kickback from some of the sellers as she would steer us too some and by-pass others. She also would tell the vendors selling the Pinochio puppets that Kandi was shopping for one, and told them what price she had offered other vendors. She spoke in Thai of course, so we could not understand. But Pinochio is the same in Thai and English so we quickly caught on. Kandi's bargaining had an added benefit for me, it meant we were in one spot longer and I could shoot more photos. These two ladies were visiting in a little side canal away from the hustle and bustle and I was able to shoot many photos of them talking as Kandi bargained away with a Pinochio seller on the corner of the main canal and this side canal. Thanks Kandi, you made this painting possible. Note: If on a tour and you want to take lots of photos hang out with bargain shoppers who love to haggel!

This painting was created using the same process as the "Sunrise in a Balinese Market". Scroll down to see a step-by-step photo story of the method used.

This watercolor is 24" x 18" and is avialable at Elliott Fouts Gallery, 916-737-1429 for $850.00 framed. Credit cards accepted by telephone, shipping available.

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