Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yellow Umbrellas

When I travel I find myself drawn to certain subjects that might never occur to me to paint at home, so it was with umbrellas.

Early one Sunday morning my friends and I went out on the main square in Avignon and set up to paint. I was fascinated by the cafe umbrellas that stood like statues scattered around the square. The cafes were not open so the chairs and tables were pushed back against the walls and chained to prevent them from disappearing in the night. The umbrellas with their heavy stands had been left to fend for themselves against thieves in the night. I painted a small plein aire oil painting that morning, just to get the idea. When I returned back to my studio I painted this one. Elliott Fouts Gallery found a buyer for it right away, so this is a Giclee print.

Those yellow umbrellas in the square opened my eyes to umbrellas as a subject and led me to create an entire series of umbrella paintings. Look for more umbrellas to turn up on this blog in the future, or find them on the link to Elliott Fouts Gallery website. Giclee on canvas, 20" x 20" available from Elliott Fouts Gallery 916-736-1429. Shipping available.

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