Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Royal Wulf #5

My husband is a fly fishermen and ties his own flys. The flys he creates are so pretty that I decided to paint a portrait of one of them for a Christmas gift for him a couple of years ago. He loved it and suggested I should paint a bunch of these and hang them in the gallery Christmas show. He was right. They sold well as gifts for fly fishermen and fly fishing women that Christmas and have been a popular series year round, not just at gift giving time.

This Royal Wulf fly is one of my favorites, and I guess the fishermen's too as this is the 5th portrait I have painted of it. It is a 5' x 5" original oil painted on a 1 3/8" gallery wrap canvas. (That means the edges are painted so it does not need framing). They are like little cubes so they look great hanging on a wall or sitting on a shelf or a desk. It is up for auction on eBay. Click Here to Bid

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